The Whisky Game - EXTENDED

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The game including a playing board, 6 playing pieces, 2 dice, 10 Character cards, 30 Special cards, 360 Question cards, 84 Bottle cards, 11 Lost Distillery cards, a bag with resources tokens and printed rules + EXTENDED features. More

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The extended version of the game is for die-hard whisky fans! It features more Character cards, Special cards, Lost Distillery cards, plus beautiful player boards!

This edition includes everything from the BASIC:

  • 1x regular paper box
  • 1x playing board
  • 6x playing piece (regular shaped)
  • 2x dice
  • 2x bag with "The Whisky Game" logo
  • 10x Character card
  • 30x Special card
  • 360x Question card
  • 84x Bottle card
  • 11x Lost Distillery card
  • 60x resources token
  • 1x rules
plus EXTENDED features:
  • 15x extra Special card
  • 5x Character card
  • 5x Lost Distillery card
  • 6x player board

The game rules have been translated into English, German, Czech, French, Spanish and Hungarian, and an online translation of the questions and answers is coming soon.

More info about the game:

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